Saturday, February 5, 2022

Confessions of a Mom Who Moved Across the Country


There's something I need to tell you about myself. A small confession of sorts... 

The reason I have been so MIA from my beloved blog is because I have moved across the country. You heard that right. I have moved. I've moved 2,74.9 miles to be precise.

Yes, I moved across the county with a toddler (a sassy one at that). And yes, I did it all during a worldwide pandemic. Like moving across the country wasn't hard enough, I had to add a super bossy toddler and a deadly virus into the already complicated mix. 


For a few months now, this move has been the story of my life. It's basically taken ahold of many aspects of me. And to no surprise, that includes this blog. To be real, this cross-country move has taken over and consumed most of my brain space. Not that I have much brain space left in me because I am a mom to a two-year-old. And may I remind you, a two-year-old who is absolutely convinced that I am her humble 24/7 maid. 

To my dedicated followers checking in on my blog from time to time, thank you.

 Thank you for checking in to only be met with disappointment that I have not posted in, like, forever. Thank you for checking in on my minuscule fragment of this endless internet world. Your disappointment is finally over. I'm back!


This is the time to thank moving companies and their employees for doing all of the heavy liftings to make this post possible.

I want to take this time to thank moving companies who have assisted in my move because they gave my small amount of mom brain space the energy it needs to write this post. 

It's as if their storage services gave my brain physical storage.


They took all of my belongings (and let's be real, all the junk that I see as treasure) out of storage which cleared up and gave my brain room. My brain did not have to worry about the move because the moving companies gave me peace of mind. This peace of mind cleared up some storage in my brain. This was the peace of mind that my brain desperately needed to help me focus on things not related to the move. 


Let me just take a moment to advertise a company. I also think that it's important to validate for you that you must hate reading a post to be left with nothing but an ad. You have every right to feel annoyed. I hear you and I understand that you are salty about this.

But, if you're moving in the Phoenix, Arizona area, just hear me out!

What moving company do I recommend for any move in the Phoenix, AZ area?

I recommend Nirvana Moving 

They service the Phoenix, Mesa, and Chandler area. They are customer-focused and so efficient. You do get hard work and dedication from their labor crew. The crew is dedicated to moving your stuff with tender care and respect. The crew understands that the junk, that looks like treasure to you, is important. 

Nirvana Moving also does furniture delivery in Peoria. A furniture moving service is something I categorize as basically essential. I love my furniture way too much to have it being damaged. Even the thought of damaged furniture makes me cringe. Yeah, I'm cringing right now. But, with Nirvana, you can rest your heart knowing your furniture will be safe and sound.

 With all of that said, let's be real, Arizona is way too hot to not hire professional help when you are moving. And if you're like me and you have a sassy toddler, hiring a moving company is like a gift you're giving to your already overworked and sleep-deprived self. 

Seriously, thanks to moving companies like Nirvana, I can use some brain storage to write this post onto my minuscule fragment of the internet.

Not to digress but, I'll leave you with a photo of my sassy and super bossy baby. That way, this post that unexpectedly turned into an ad can bring an unexpected small smile to your face. 

Here is my sassy baby who added extra drama to my big move.

With Love, 
said baby's 24/7 Maid

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