Sunday, December 6, 2020

Elle's Birthday Smash Cake (From Her Uncle's POV)

Elle is so lucky to have two photographers in the family. Her dad and her uncle both took massive amounts of photos for her first birthday party. 

While Elle desperately smashed her cake into her tummy, her uncle snapped these beautiful candid shots. This post is dedicated to her smash cake moments through the lenses of her loving uncle.

Her uncle took so many photos it was so hard to pick!

And honestly, like one of those annoying doting moms, I could not narrow down the amount of photos to showcase on the blog. But, to be fair, there were thousands of photos to pick from. At least I was able to narrow it down to the following. 

So, I guess, give me some credit????

To check out Elle's smash cake photos from her dad's point of view, CLICK HERE. Just a quick warning, the photos from her dad's point of view will feel like deja vu.

That annoying doting mom
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