Sunday, December 6, 2020

Elle's Birthday Smash Cake (From Her Dad's POV)

Elle is so lucky to have two photographers in the family. Her dad and her uncle both took massive amounts of photos for her 1st birthday party. And honestly, like one of those annoying doting moms, I could not narrow down the amount of photos to showcase on the blog today. But, to be fair, there were thousands of photos to pick from. At least, I was able to narrow it down to the following. 

So, I guess, give me some credit???? 

These are some of the photos that her personal paparazzi, also known as her doting dad, took of her.

To check out her photos that her uncle took of this same moment, CLICK HERE. You have been warned. It's going to feel like deja vu. Why yes, I'm that mom. The annoying mom who floods the world with photos of her baby.


That annoying doting mom

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