Monday, December 7, 2020

Elle's 1st Birthday- A Traditional Celebration

Elle is half Korean and half Chinese and I want her to forever embrace her beautiful heritages.

Since I'm a Korean American, I threw Elle a modernized dohl party. A dohl is a Korean celebration of a child's first birthday. I also sprinkled a bit of Chinese influences into the party aesthetics.

Here are the highlights (in photo form) from her big day. 

Yes, she had three outfits for her dohl.

She is seriously already so loved and spoiled. She received all of these outfits as gifts from her grandparents.

During a dohl ceremony, it's tradition for the child to receive pure 24 karat gold jewelry pieces. Usually friends and family gift the child these lavish pieces of jewelry.

Here's everything Elle was spoiled with.

She is so loved. Look at all that gold.

My favorite part of Elle's dohl was definitely her grab ceremony called doljabi.

The doljabi is a fun tradition where the child is presented with a wide range of items. Each of the items represents an aspect of the child's future. And for kicks, whatever the child picks seals their future.

If you want to see more photos from her doljabi, CLICK HERE.

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