Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Elle's 1st Birthday- Traditional Grab Ceremony (Doljabi)

It was Elle's first birthday this past Saturday. For her birthday, I put together a huge dohl and a smash cake party. 

First of all, look how adorable her smash cake setup was!

Here are more shots from her smash cake party.

This is from her uncle's point of view. 

This is from her dad's point of view.

Anyways, I digressed yet again. Back to talking about the traditional Korean ceremony, the dohl.

A dohl is a traditional Korean ceremony held to celebrate a child's first birthday. It's a huge deal in Korean culture. With an abundant amount of food to symbolize a fruitful life and overly lavish gifts to symbolize wealth and love, it's definitely a meaningful celebration.

This is the dohl I put together for Elle.

If you want more detail shots of her dohl, CLICK HERE.

Now, the doljabi is a traditional grab ceremony held during the dohl.

A doljabi is a long lived tradition where the birthday child is placed in front of a lineup of objects. The lineup of objects placed in front of the child is up to the family's discretion. 

Typically the family places around 6 to 10 objects. But, some families put less of more.

Then, the child is encouraged to pick an object. Each item is symbolic and is said to tell the child's fortune, future and fate. 

It's a ceremony full of family, friends, lots of laughter, and one confused child picking a random object of their choice.

Here is the lineup of items I decided to have for Elle.

Drumrolls, please.... Elle picked....



And honestly, I am not even surprised. She's a fattie and foodie just like her mom.

After she picked the spoon, we encouraged her to pick a second. In fact, some families give the child a second chance.

And well, to be honest, my family was not too thrilled with her first choice. We gave Elle a second chance. She picked the judge's mallet.

So basically, Elle will be a food loving judge!


The mom of a future food loving judge

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