Friday, September 4, 2020

Moms Must Be Judged During COVID

It's really a strange time to be a first time mom during this 2020 COVID pandemic.

One of the things that I am truly stumped on... 
baby play dates. 

I really don't know how to navigate scheduling them because of the awkward conversation that must happen next. How strict are you on social distancing? 

Every mom has a different level of comfort in terms of what they deem safe surrounding the virus and the safety of their family. 

Often times, I feel judged because I am so uptight about social distancing rules. In fact, I'm so strict about social distancing that today was my baby's first play date while quarantined.

I see people, all over social media, going on trips with large groups of friends. Which then makes me question the high-strung level of safety measures that I take on a daily basis. Am I being too precautions? Is COVID really not that big of a deal? Am I being paranoid? 

At this point, my mind races down a never ending rabbit hole. I start to judge my choices. Am I doing my baby a disservice by not allowing her to make friends? Am I going to be the reason my baby lacks social skills?

It's then I stop myself. I ground myself. I tell myself that our modern day world has never been struck with such a global health emergency to this scale. We are all confused. And us moms, with our lack of sleep, are bound to be even more confused.

I think at the end of the day, every mom is trying her best to navigate this new COVID normal. If a mom is okay with resuming all normal social activities, that is her right. If a mom only allows her children to play with a select group of friends, that is her right. And if a mom, like myself, is super cautious that is her right.

With all of that off my chest, here is how I decorated for my baby's first quarantine play date.

On a positive note, it was so much fun!

A confused mom trying her best to navigate motherhood in a COVID world

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