Monday, August 3, 2020

QuaranTEAne Tea Party

During this pandemic, I have been quarantined since the stay-at-home orders hit my home state of Maryland.

And since quarantine, I have not been able to see my childhood friend, Mar. That's a whole six months of not seeing her. Six months... that's half a year. That's crazy.

So this year, I wanted to surprise her for her birthday with a high tea party.

To be safe, I would have to make sure we were more than 6 feet apart and that we were outdoors.

I only invited Mar, her boyfriend, my sister, her boyfriend and my husband.

Each couple had their own table and their own tier of nibbles.

Here's how my quaranTEAne tea party turned out.

Side note: I really need to stop thinking in puns. It's no pun.

The real cherry on top is that we were able to CHERRish (cherish) and CHER (share) such a beautiful day. On top of that, we were able to celebrate the life of my beautiful friend, Mar. 

Sigh, back to quaranTEAne we go.

Oh my goodness, why does my mind run in puns?

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