Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Paperless Post & Paddling In Stilettos Collaboration

Paperless Post is an online service that provides consumers with virtual invitations.In essence, Paperless Post is an online Halmark. 

You, as the consumer, create virtual and interactive invitations for any occasion. All you need is the recipient's email. 

It's completely free to sign up and use. The company does offer coin purchases in order to utilize their more deluxe invitation templates. But, you can also opt for their countless free templates!  

Just to side track a bit (actually alot)... As Elle Woods would put it, "I have a point, I promise!"  

My wedding was my dream day. Let's just say a picture is worth a thousand words.

All above photos By the wonderful, Anna Kerns

I could show you pictures of my wedding all day so, I'll stop myself here. (But, please let me know, via email or just comment below, if you would like me to dedicate a post to my wedding). 

Okay, end of rant and to make my point...  

In order to have this dream wedding, I needed to cut costs. And I did just that by using Paperless Post's services for my Save the Date and invitations for my reception dinner. 

This is a bit retro. Retro meaning three years ago. I was able to dig up my old Save the Date and reception invitation. 

I literately just emailed these babies out and spent absolutely no money. I ended up with the same results as I would have if I sent out paper versions. Plus, I saved paper. And we all know that in today's modern world any tree saved is a modern day miracle.

As a bonus, my sister also used this website to create my Bachelorette Party invitation. It's so pretty.

Moral of the story: Save paper, save money, use Paperless Post

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