Friday, June 8, 2018

Birthday Babes

Turning 29 is the weirdest feeling. There is no way I feel like a 29 year old grown woman. Or maybe, I'm just in denial about my dwindling years of being in the glorious 20's.

This may be my full-blown denial speaking but, I still feel like I am a child at heart. I feel more like I am a 10 year old girl than I do a 29 year old woman.

Anyways, enough about me freaking out about getting older...

To celebrate our 29th birthday, we had a photo shoot. We being my twin-sister, one of my closest friends, and I. 

As you can see, we are in some kind of pink La-La-Land. Can I just stay in this pink La-La-Land? More importantly, can I just stay 29 forever?

My favorite quote from our birthday photo shoot...

"Who does this in real life? No one!"

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