Sunday, June 10, 2018

bachelorette party

One of my favorite things to do is have parties at my house. I love to throw parties because I love to set a theme and do some major decorating. I'm an Asian version of Martha Stewart. Well at least a wanna-be Martha.

This time around, I threw a bachelorette party.

When you throw a bachelorette party, think about the bride. What theme would suit her? What are some things she enjoys?

 Thinking about the above questions, I went with a girly Lush theme.

My favorite element of the party was the lip balm making bar. I set it up as a cheese and cracker board.

Look how cute it ended up!
I placed a generous lump of shea butter and a bar of beeswax on the board

In addition, I placed some coconut oil into a small mason jar and a few lipstick colors into small glass containers.

Lastly, I arranged some floral greenery to add a pop of color and some natural texture.

The idea of this lip balm bar is that each guest gets to create a personalized lip balm to take home. 

Each guest will get a metal spoon, an individual tea light candle and a container for their creation. The guest will use the spoon and candle to melt any combination of products to be placed into a take-away container. As far as a container goes, I used pink colored plastic hearts.

*** Please note that the bigger the spoons the easier it will be for your guests to create their final product. I learned this the hard way.***

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