Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Elemis Superfood Facial Wash Review

The packaging looks like this...
The Packaging is very simple and minimal. The packaging reads "Vegan Friendly". (In my most ditzy voice ever) "Vegan friendly, whatever the hell that means." (proving the obvious... I eat meat, eggs , and whatnot)

Anyways, before I digress, I'll get you back on topic.

The facial wash smells a bit like ginger and plastic. I honestly do not like the smell of this face wash. It makes me feel like I am rubbing green liquid plastic all over my face. 
The consistency and color of the Elemis Superfood facial wash

  • It feels very smooth to touch
  • When I'm done with washing up, my face feels clean and moisturized
  • It does not dry out my skin

  • It does not form as many bubbles as I would like
  • It smells artificial
  • The color is a clear green which leads me to believe there is some form of artificial coloring

I used this facial wash for only three days and switched back to my usual routine Cetiphil face wash. I believe in sticking to what works and Cetiphil is definitely the victor over this Elemis soap.

Overall Rating
out of 

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