Thursday, August 24, 2017

how to find this whimsical swing in Puerto Rico

This is the type of swing you read about in romance novels. The kind of swing that's so beautiful it's only possible in your wildest make-believe world. A make-believe world also known, to our generation, as Instagram. 

But, I digress...

Anyways, what if I told you that you can add this very photo to your very own make-believe Instagram world?

First off, let's be real. Instagram lies. Filters add spit shine to dingy photos to magically transform them into a beautiful work of art. With that out in the virtual open air, I will say that the only editing I did on the above photo is simply changing the brightness. Nonetheless, this swing is truly as beautiful as it is portrayed in my photo.

Like I said, Instagram lies. All you see in my final photo is peace and serenity. However, to be honest, what you don't see is the scary and completely ridiculous adventure that I had to embark on in order to locate this very swing.

Where can I find this swing?
Playa Fortuna Luquillo 00773, Puerto Rico

To be specific, Sunrise Vacation Home Rentals (Rentalui). The swing is on its shoreline property.

What address should I type into my GPS?
Fortuna Playa Calle 1 
casa # 2
Luquillo, Puerto Rico 00733

Does it cost money?
Nope! I actually met the owner of the vacation home. He was okay with me taking photos on his property. Based on my interaction with him, my impression is that he wants this swing to go viral. My gut tells me that he wants the business publicity.

Here is a map to better guide you to your Gram-worthy photo.

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  1. Is this swing still there post hurricane Maria?