Sunday, June 11, 2017

J A M C H E L L A // Running Hare Vineyard

As a twin, I have shared every single one of my birthday parties with my twin sister, Jane. So, when my friend, Margaret, wanted to join in on our birthday festivities, I was more than ecstatic. I wanted to turn it into an annual tradition. In fact, Jane, Margaret and I have shared birthday parties for the last seven years! 

We call our parties JAM. JAM is simply an acronym for Jane, Ann & Margaret (duh). I thought the acronym was quite witty seven years ago. "Come JAM with JAM", is what we publish each year. But at this point, JAM just sticks because it's, quite frankly speaking, tradition. 

Seven years... Gosh, time has gone by way too quickly. More importantly, damn I feel so freaking old. I can't stop "wine"ing about getting older. But, I digress.

Let's go back on topic. This year, Jane, Margaret and I paid homage to the overrated Coachella festival trend. I know it's the most basic party theme on the face of the 21st century. But, please don't judge us. Just indulge in our basic-girl and wine-filled birthday adventure.

The Venue:

Running Hare Vineyard
150 Adelina Rd.
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

[o u t f i t]
shoes; Steve Madden
shirt; PacSun
shorts; American Eagle
backpack; Longchamp
cover-up; Heavenly Couture

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