Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Zion National Park, Utah // [d a y # t w o]

On the second day of Zion
my road trip sent to me:
Two gorgeous hikes
and a lengthy and very sleepy drive
On a brisk Saturday morning, I woke up from a very deep and satisfying sleep. You see, the day before I had to drive a long and hellish 6.5ish hours to arrive at my weekend destination. My weekend destination... Zion National Park in Utah.

I was ready and beyond excited to explore the land that I had been so curious about. With so much curiosity, my goal was to explore Zion as much as I could with the allotted sunlight that I had. So, I double booked and planned two hikes on my day's agenda. My plans... Angel's Landing and the Riverside Walk.

While hiking Angel's Landing, I got to thinking. Maybe they call the strenuous and dangerous hike Angel's Landing because if you slip and fall, you instantly land an angel. In the midst of my thoughts, my goal for the day quickly changed from seeing as much of Zion into simply not becoming an angel. When I reached the top of the trail, the view was truly breathtaking (no pun intended) and drop dead gorgeous (again, no pun intended). The view alone was totally worth all of the risks.

By the time I got down from the mountain, I was dead (seriously, again, no pun intended). I was totally out of breath and shamelessly exhausted.

With my original goal of seeing as much of Zion in mind, I dragged my sore and out-of-shape self to the Riverside Walk. But, once I got there I just wanted to sit by the river and relax. And, that's exactly what I did.

Anyways, I think that I ranted enough for a day. Come back tomorrow to hear the rest of my Zion story!

[o u t f i t]
shirt; Hollister & Co.
hat; REI
backpack; CamelBak
shorts; American Eagle
jean jacket; American Eagle with my random, quirky, and weird knickknacks
shoes; Nike

<U p d a t e>
P A R T    T H R E E
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