Thursday, May 11, 2017

Zion National Park, Utah // [d a y # t h r e e]

On the third day of Zion
my road trip sent to me:
Three or so cactus flowers 
Two gorgeous hikes
and a lengthy and very sleepy drive

P A R T    O N E 
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P A R T    T W O
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P A R T    T H R E E
On the last day of my trip, I woke up excited to go home to take an actual shower. You see, the day before I had hiked Angel's Landing and I desperately needed a good shower. Plus, I was ready to go home so that I could sleep on my comfy king size bed. It sure would beat sleeping in my tent on the hard and cold Zion ground. 

At the same time, I was sad to leave the beautiful desert landscape I became so fond of.

The thing was, whenever I gazed at the lush Zion landscape, I would forget that I was standing in the midst of a desert terrain. However, I was reminded every time I saw the desert's signature element, the humble cactus, scattered around. 

Then, a question floated in my mind. How can something so intimidating and sharp grow something so intricate and delicate?

Per usual, my scatterbrain self could not stop thinking about some pointless and aimless stuff. Inevitably, I stumbled back into thinking about those cactus flowers. 

Maybe, just maybe, those cacti were trying to tell the world something more meaningful and more powerful than one would expect.

People, like the Zion cacti, can bloom into something so much more than expected. Furthermore, both people and cacti can bloom despite the barren situations they are planted upon.

Suddenly, I snapped back into reality. At that moment, I realized I needed to drive another hellish 6.5ish hours until I could get to my shower and comfy king size bed. 

[o u t f i t]
crop top; ZARA
hat; REI
backpack; CamelBak
leggings; Pink by VS
flip flops; Rainbow Sandals
tennis shoes; Nike
sheer cover-up; Steve Madden

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