Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Relationship Fail

There are two types of relationships, those who are cruising and those who are paddling. 

There are two types of relationships, those who are cruising and those who are paddling. 

The couple cruising on a magnificent cruise boat lives in a picturesque relationship. They never have any real problems which means that they never really fight about anything, like, ever. I mean, from time to time, this couple may argue about the small things in life. For example, they may argue about where and what to eat. But, all in all, it's the kind of relationship modern day people call relationship goals. This couple is called couple ideal.

On the other hand, the couple paddling for their dear life on their raggedy wooden canoe is the couple no one wants to be. This couple is yelling at each other with desperation of hopes that their relationship will survive. This couple is called couple fail.

Couple ideal looks down (literally and figuratively speaking) at couple fail. In fact, couple ideal pities couple fail and couple fail envies couple ideal. 

But, the twist of it all is that I believe every couple should aim to be couple fail over couple ideal.

But, before you get upset with me, please let me explain.

Let me start my explanation with one word...


What does the Titanic ship have to do with any of this? Well, everything really. 

The Titanic was viewed as the premium luxury ship. It was seen as an unsinkable masterpiece. Similar to how couple ideal, on their cruise ship, is viewed as the premium luxury relationship that is unsinkable. It's the most desirable type of relationship.

In ignorance, bliss, and over confidence, the Titanic hits an iceberg. In an instant, the once invincible ship disappears into thin water. This is similar to couple ideal for one main reason. When couple ideal hits an iceberg, their relationship is not strong enough to mend the pieces. Their relationship quickly sinks like the Titanic once did.

Now, why would anyone want to be like couple fail? Well, it's simple. When couple fail hits an iceberg, they will never sink. They have been mending and healing through all sorts of bumps along the way. Thus, an iceberg dilemma is an easy task to mend for the paddling couple. 

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