Monday, May 1, 2017

black frilly tube top // Phoenix, AZ

Disclaimer: Please excuse my bloated stomach... 
I'm kind of dealing with some, uh... problems...
You know, the kind of problem that randomly decides to appear on a monthly basis.

And if this post comes off a bit moody, well, now you sorta know why. 

End of disclaimer, period.(pun intended)


When most people think of frill, they think of an overly-obnoxious, super girly and, way beyond puffy princess dress. You know... the kind of frilly dress that you have a hard time figuring out where it begins or, for that matter, where it even ends.

But, I have to say that this Hollister & Co. frilly black tube top has got me seeing a totally different tune on frill. More importantly, this frilly shirt makes me okay with the fact that frills are coming back into trend at full swing.

First, I rocked the frilly top on my hiking adventure like so:

I know... I look pretty laid-back for a girl rocking something so frilly.

[o u t f i t]
black frilly tube top; Hollister & Co.
legging; Pink by VS
hat; REI
boots; Steve Madden
backpack; JanSport

That very same night, I transformed the top into a more sophisticated look like this:
(at least as sophisticated as I can possibly be... because we all know by now that I am not what we would define as very, how can I put it, mature) 

for more detail shots on this look, click HERE!

[o u t f i t]
black frilly tube top; Hollister & Co.
shoes; Charlotte Olympia
scarf; Charming Charlie
skirt; Express
purse; Louis Vuitton
bracelets; Perry Null Trading Company & Pandora
rings; Ritani

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