Thursday, May 18, 2017

Ann Paks for a weekend in San Francisco

F Y I: My name is Ann Pak so, this is funny. Really funny. Well, at least I think so...

"PAKing" is my least favorite part of any trip. Oh, the irony. Considering my last name is Pak. However, I digress.

Let me get back on topic.

I always try to pack light on my travels... well, light-ish. I mean, packing a large Vera Bradley duffel for a three day getaway is not considered packing light. But, in my world, it sorta is. 

Here is what I am packing for my weekend getaway to San Francisco. 

c l o t h e s:
- one flannel shirt
- one denim shorts
- one silk dress
- one hoodie zip-up
- two white croptops 
- one black leggings
- one puffy vest
- one off the shoulder top
- one socks
- four panties
- one nude strapless bra
- two hats 

s h o e s:
- ZARA slip ons
- Nike Jordans
- Steve Madden heels

b a g s:
- one glitzy clutch
- Longchamp backpack
- Longchamp purse

j e w e l r y:

t o i l e t r i e s:

m a k e u p:

m i s c e l l a n e o u s:
- refillable water bottle
- canon camera & charger
- hair straightener
- picnic blanket
- fabric tote or reusable grocery bag
- hairbrush
- one sunnie

Ann Pak's "PAKing" Tips:
1. Wear your most bulky items onto the flight. I guess that's common sense. Sorry, I like to point out the obvious.

2. The water bottle has two purposes. For hydration on the flight and to use as an ice bucket at the hotel. I repeat, use the bottle as your ice bucket. The hotel ice buckets are infested with germs. Think about this... If a drunk someone throws up into the ice bucket, housekeeping will probably not clean it. Well, I take that back, housekeeping will probably rinse it under some hot water. And those plastic covers that the hotels provide are barely enough protection from such gross levels of germs. Sorry, I went on a wild tangent with this one.

3. Use packing cubes. I own the Eagle Creek Pack-It System cubes. I absolutely love them. They are a must in my disheveled world.

4. Longchamp bags fold compact and flat for easy and space-saving storage. It's perfect for packing light... Well, in my case, trying to pack light.

5. Check your destination's temperature and weather conditions before you start packing. This is also common sense. Sorry again, I point out the obvious way too often.

6. Cover all shoes with a shower cap or a plastic grocery bag. This way your dirty shoes do not touch your clean belongings. Clearly I have a complicated relationship with germs.

7. Use a small craft box, such as this, to store jewelry.

8. Leave extra space in your luggage for the random things you "acquire" (a.k.a. buy) on your trip. But, if you need more space than that, stash a reusable grocery tote or a fabric tote into your luggage. The bigger the tote, the better. Just make sure that the tote can pass as a carry-on bag. This means that you can carry your new belongings onto your flight back home.

9. Buy and pack makeup brushes with dual ends. Mine are from Ecotools.    

For me, the worst part is over. 
I'm "PAK(ed), Ann" ready to go. (I have an odd sense of humor...) 
San Francisco here I come! 

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