Thursday, April 6, 2017

7 Tips When Visitng Lower Antelope Canyon

my first visit
[o u t f i t]
shirt; Banana Republic, shorts; Express, shoes; Crocs, fanny pack; Etsy// Campus Connection, sweater; Earth Bound Trading Co.

my second visit
[o u t f i t] 
sunglasses; Tory Burch, jeans; American Eagle, shoes; Vans, shirt; ZARA, flannel; Hollister Co, jacket; Abercrombie & Fitch, choker; ZARA, fanny pack; Etsy// Campus Connection

Here are some of my tips for your trip to Lower Antelope Canyon
(Learn from my regrets)

1.) Wear shoes with a good grip. You have to go down a series of scary steep metal stairs. Plus, the walk through the canyon is over an hour long, so comfy shoes are a must. 

During my fist visit, I wore my baby blue pointed CROCS. Sand was going into those shoes with every single step that I took. The second time around, I knew better and decided to wear my silver vans. But, that too was a big mistake. My Vans lost its grip a few times, and boy was it scary! It's pretty safe to say that I very much regret not wearing my combat boots.

2.) No need to carry heavy baggage. Leave your handbags, backpacks, and camera bags in the car. Some places are very narrow and having mobility is key.  Try to carry everything in a fanny pack and if you want to bring your camera, put it on a strap. No tripods and selfie sticks allowed.

3.) Clear your hands of holding unnecessary objects. Take me for example, I took a water bottle and boy, did I regret bringing that stupid piece of plastic. Obviously, there are no trashcans once you enter the canyon, so I had to carry that empty bottle the whole time.

4.) Bring your military, veteran or teacher ID. You get an $8.00 discount on your admission.

5.) It gets warm when you are walking through the canyon. I wore a thick winter jacket because it was freezing before I entered the tour, and boy did I regret that too. I suggest wearing a thin jacket  or sweater that you can wrap around your waist.

6.) Dixie and Ken's are the only two companies offering tours in the Lower Antelope Canyon. There is no need to pull your hair over which company to pick. Dixie and Ken are actually siblings whose family owns the land. This means that they offer the exact same tour.

7.) Make a reservation ahead of time so you can avoid the line all together. You don't have to pay anything extra and it will ensure that you get a time slot of your choice. Make your reservations HERE.

Click HERE to see the raw beauty of Lower Antelope Canyon.

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