Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice
noun / pōˈedik ˈjəstəs
Irony playing a silly trick on vice so that virtue can trump. Similar to when I'm playing a silly trick on your eyes so my obnoxiously colorful and borderline crazy pants slay.

Synonyms: Karma & In Your Face

[o u t f i t]
pants; Lily Pulitzer
shoes; Vince Camuto
shirt; ZARA
bag; Springfield
rings; Tiffany & Co. & Pandora

Poetic justice is when you run into a cheating ex-boyfriend on the one day you decide to dress up and wear makeup. 

Poetic justice is when the nasty truth finally comes out after a manipulative and insecure ex-friend has been spreading nasty rumors about you.

Poetic justice is a series of fortunate events that perfectly align so that karma can make things just right.

In a roundabout and twisted way, poetic justice is kind of like these obnoxiously loud and borderline tacky Lily Pulitzer pants. Like these obnoxious pants, poetic justice can seem like an impossible fleet that will never work out in your favor. But, if you patiently put the pieces together, the end result is so incredibly beautiful (and secretly ever so satisfying).

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