Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Influenster VoxBox

Did you know that you can get full-sized beauty products to test out for free? 

As a blogger, I never recommend anything on my blog that I have not validated and tested out for myself. I truly recommend Influenster to gain access to complimentary products.

What is Influenster VoxBox? 
Influenster is a marketing company that provides a box full of free products for you to review and keep. 

Why would Influenster give out free products? 

All items in a VoxBox are complimentary because brands are trying to reach their target consumer base. If Influenster screens you and believes that you are a target consumer then, you get paired with a VoxBox. These brands, partnering with Influenster, hope that you will become one of their life-long consumers once you try their free products. 

How much does it cost to join?

It is completely free. You do not even have to pay shipping and handling on any of the VoxBoxes you are paired with.  

How do I get paired with a VoxBox?

When you sign up and join Influenster you get something called an impact score. This score represents your influence on all of your social media platforms. Basically, the more friends and followers you have on social media, the higher your impact score will be. The higher your impact score, the more likely you will be picked for a VoxBox. For the optimal chance at receiving a box, make sure you fill out the surveys. These surveys are also referred to as snaps. These snaps help Influenster understand your consumer habits.   

What do I need to do when I receive a VoxBox?

YAY! When you get paired with a VoxBox it is going to be very exciting! But, when you receive your box, reality will hit. You will realize that you need to put in some work. I guess the saying is true, nothing is really free. Influenster encourages you to complete tasks to earn badges. To earn a badge you need to complete anywhere from 2 to 7 plus tasks. These tasks range from following brands to posting photos on Instagram. The more badges you receive, the more VoxBoxes you get paired with in the future.     

How do I join? 

Click here

VoxBox Campaigns:
(Click on the name of the VoxBox to see what products I received)

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