Friday, February 3, 2017

Roaming in Rome

When I roamed in Rome, roaming felt hectic yet peaceful and still. This city is enveloped in ruins. Ruins that range from small ones to large ones like the Colosseum. The city truly surprises you at every turn. The contrast of the modern buildings to the historic ruins creates a contrast of frenzy and tranquility.

When roaming in Rome, these are my recommendations.

The Trevi Fountain represents a yearning connection to the city. It is said that if you toss one coin into the fountain you will one day return to the city. If you throw two coins into the fountain it is said you will find Roman romance. Finally, if you toss three coins into the fountain it is said that you will marry the person you met with your two-coin wish.

When you first arrive at this landmark, you will be overwhelmed by the large crowd of people desperately seeking the perfect selfie with the fountain. Skip the selfie and try to squeeze your way through to the front of the fountain. I call the front of the fountain the front line. Yes, I call it the front line because it literally feels like you are going to battle over Trevi foot space. You will have to climb over ledges, dodge a hoard of people, and duck under large poles. Once you conquer these obstacles you will find your way to the coveted front line. When you arrive to the front you will notice the fountain's majesty and intricate artistry rather than people's phones and their selfie faces. It will be magical. You will feel perfectly still in the midst of complete chaos. 

The Vatican Museum is the church's way of displaying their power and wealth. I know I make a lot of sarcastic jokes on my blog but, I'm serious about that statement. 

Make sure to allot at least two hours of wait time just to get into the Vatican. The two hours of wait time is not in an air-conditioned space, rather you will be out in the streets. Make sure you wear sunblock! The alternative is you can pay about triple the euros to skip the line with a tour. Clearly, you can tell from my bitter statements that I waited in the two hour long line.

All of this reading about a lot of nothing must leave you wanting a bite to eat. I commend you for getting this far in today's obnoxiously long post.     

   Roaming in Rome can leave you pretty hungry. 
These are my restaurant recommendations. 

Via Sicilia 47, 00187 Rome 

This place was my absolute favorite restaurant in Rome.  

II Piccolo MondoVia 
Aurora 39, 00187 Rome 
Centro Storico      

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Roam in Rome in style and comfort 

[Outfit] romper; H&M, hat; streets of Rome, bag; Banana Republic, flip flops; Havanna, sunglasses; Forever 21 I made the choker. I will be doing a DIY tutorial on how to make chokers, so keep an eye out for it on my DIY tab of my blog! 

[Outfit] shirt; Saks 5th Ave, shorts; H&M, shoes; Nike, sunglasses; Forever 21, necklace; Forever 21    

xoxo, A girl who roamed Rome like a Roman  

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