Thursday, February 9, 2017

Qu'ils mangent de la brioche

Translation, "let them eat cake." -Marie Antoinette 

When the princess, Marie Antoinette, said, "let them eat cake," what she really meant was, I could care less. Why? Well, she needed her massive castle and her rose filled garden. She indeed needed her golden carriage and magnificent horses. How else would she get around her courtyard? In a way, saying let them eat cake was a more politically correct way of letting her people know the truth. She needed her people to know that her belongings came before the lives of the starving (obviously). How else was she supposed to communicate this obvious reality to her people without offending anyone?  

Today's White House politicians are trying to tell us something.I really think that they should consider holding an international press conference and just telling us, "let them eat cake." 

At least no one will be offended.   
In all seriousness, when you go to Vienna, Austria take a tour of Marie Antoinette's Schonnbrunn Palace. Her gluttonous taste will be evident. The castle is indeed magnificent. Her garden alone is breathtaking. It is filled with intricate sculptures, towering hedges and delicate flowers.  

And don't forget, you should eat cake.
Cafe Central 
Herrengasse 14,
1010 Vienna
Innere Stadt 

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I'm so done with this post. I need sleep and I want to watch TV. Readers, Qu'ils mangent de la brioche... only for tonight though.

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