Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Pairs magic with Paris

“Love is in the air!”

Somehow Paris has magically convinced tourists and locals that their overly polluted air is filled with romance and love. One of Paris’ icon of love is the Eiffel Tower. When you go to Paris you will probably take that cheesy and overrated picture with the tower in the backdrop... Oh, like the one I took.

What a lot of people don't know is that you can take the Paris Metro into another magical world. A world where dreams and imagination come true. I don’t mean the love of romance. I mean the pure innocent love of your childhood memories. Yes, Disneyland! It takes a mere 35 minutes to enter an enchanting world of childhood dreams from Paris, a magical world where polluted air turned into love.

When you get to Disneyland buy a Minnie ear and stand in front of that beautiful pastel pink castle. You will feel like a child again. Wait for that genuine smile. In that moment, take a snapshot because it will be one of those totally underrated iconic Paris pictures.

No matter if you are in Paris or at Disneyland, France is definitely a land of free-falling magic.    

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