Friday, February 10, 2017

melt away as you EATaly ice cream

When you are in Venice, during the summer heat, gelato will be your portable and edible air-conditioning system. Every turn on the island leaves you face to face with a new gelato shopfront. Grab a scoop, or two, of your favorite flavor. With every bite, you will get lost in the city. The whimsical buildings stacked upon each other are afloat on the green mystic water. This reminds you that with a solid foundation, anything is possible.

As you admire the gondola boats swiftly squeezing past one another, a thought crosses your mind. In order to have a strong  fountain in your life, you need to know yourself and learn how to embrace what you know about yourself. How can you melt into the best version of you? How can you be more real and genuine in a world full of artificial flavoring? As your mind warps around your thoughts, you look down at your empty ice cream cone. You look up. Ah, another gelato shop. You buy another cone and then, you melt back into your deep reflections.  

[Outfit]skirt; Zara, shirt; New Look, shoes; United Color of Benetton, sunnies; Forever 21, bracelet; Pandora, choker; I made it, find the DIY here  

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