Wednesday, February 15, 2017

self-confidence is in style

In life you will find yourself, at one point or another, lacking self-confidence. You will discover yourself defining your self-worth by what others think of you. It will consume you. Why? Well, because no matter what, someone in your life will find you not adequate enough. It may be that stranger that leashes their road rage onto you. It may be your so-called friend who tells you their cunning insults in the form of compliments. It may be your significant other who ends the relationship that you invested your whole world into. The list truly goes on. 

But, the person who affects your self-confidence the most, is simply you. You are the one telling yourself what to believe about yourself. You are the one who has the ability to choose what to believe about yourself. 

For me, confidence is simple. Confidence is not thinking that people will like this blog post. Confidence is not thinking that people will like my outfit choice below. Confidence is being okay with people not liking this blog post or even my sense of style. Confidence is being at complete peace with who I am.  

[Outfit] crop top; H&M Coachella Collection, shorts; American Eagle, shoes; Nike, sunglasses; Forever 21, self-confidence; Within Myself   

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