Wednesday, February 8, 2017

i think i drank a shrinking potion

When you visit Phoenix you should reserve at least 3 hours to hike the South Mountain. This trail leads you to the Hidden Valley and the Fat Man's Pass. 

When you start your hike on the South Mountain, you will see the Phoenix skyline. The skyline is beautiful, but not as beautiful as what you are about to encounter. As the skyline gradually disappears, you will begin to see cacti triple your size. Suddenly, these cacti will be everywhere. They lace the dry desert ground. You wonder, how are they even alive? In your thoughts of hoping a cactus does not fall over onto you, you realize you have made it to the Fat Man's Pass. You will know why they call it the Fat Man's Pass once you get there. I won't ruin the surprise.  
You deserve a treat after this hike.
Why don't you grab an ice cream macaroon sandwich at Ahipoki Bowl

[Outfit] leggings; Victoria's Secret PINK, hat; REI, shoes; Nike, crop top; American Eagle, flannel shirt; Hollister Co.   

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