Friday, February 17, 2017

Be stylish in 5 easy steps

Being stylish is all in the small details. Anyone can turn the most basic of outfits into something fashion forward. You can turn a basic black tee and an everyday pair of shorts into a not so basic and not so everyday outfit. Here's how: 

1. {Start with the base in basic} The base of your outfit starts with a basic black tee shirt and your favorite pair of jean shorts.

2. {Messy hair, don't care} Pull your hair into a messy half ponytail. Don't try to make your ponytail look perfect. The more messy the hair, the more fun you look! My ponytail took me a whopping 23.45 seconds to tie. 

3. {Ladies, show off that belly} Tie the front of your shirt into a knot. 

4.{Sunnies for the hot in you} Throw on any pair of sunglasses. You'll create a mysterious & hot edge.

5. {Start with basic, end with basic} Keep the jewelry choice minimal. This look is getting a bit out there. If you wear too much jewelry you might start looking wacky tacky.

From basic to fabulous. Now, you stand out!

[Outfit] shirt; Saks 5th Ave, shorts; American Eagle, sunnies; Forever 21, braclet; Pandora, chokers; I made them. Check out the DIY tutorial here

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