Monday, February 6, 2017

Barcelona melts away your [S]PAIN

Barcelona, Spain is an obvious vacation spot where people go for a lover's rendezvous, a destination wedding, a family holiday, or even a birthday celebration. However, this post is meant for those who are desperately battling a broken heart. 

I actually think Barcelona is the city where broken hearts are meant to be mend. Why? Well, because it's a city where gloomy Gothic clashes with whimsical optimism. 

Barcelona is embellished with Gaudi's Gothic architectural marvels. In a way his buildings remind you of your heartbreak. 

Gaudi's buildings are in design frightening. However, in his execution of design, his buildings are lighthearted and comical. At Casa Batillo the balconies are disguised as skulls and the pillars are disguised as skeleton bones. What a painful and uneasy notion. The twist,Gaudi took intimidating objects and mixed them with optimistic colors and childlike bubbly structures. He turned something scary into something absolutely fabulous.      

At first glance your heartbreak, like Casa Batillo, is frightening. You will begin to build gigantic walls made of bones and skulls. This is a means of scaring away any further potential heart breaks. It's also a means of protecting your shattered and vulnerable heart. The twist, the building reminds you that you have the power to take life's daunting design and turn it into something absolutely fabulous.  

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