Tuesday, February 14, 2017

all things fleeting

When you walk onto the Salton Sea, also known as the Bombay ruins, you will come  face to face with a beach in complete shackles. And when I say shackles, I mean you will feel like you are leaving the place with an infection of some kind. You will walk around rotting seagull carcasses. And you are bound to walk through piles of dried up fish. On top of all that, the air smells of rotting meat.

To your surprise, you will learn that back in the 50's and 60's that same run-down beach was once a thriving vacation destination. The beauty in today’s Salton Sea lies not in its past beauty, but in its current hideousness. Despite its disfigurement, the beach accumulates many curious visitors who admire its state of wreckage.

The Salton Sea reminds you that nothing is perfect and all things are indeed fleeting. Your beauty is fleeting. Your life is fleeting. Your love is fleeting. And, you are inevitably fleeting. Once you are at the end of your fleeting life, what would you like to be known for? What mark would you like to leave on this fleeting world?

For me, I want to be like the Salton Sea. I want to be admired despite my imperfections and fleeting existence.

[Outfit] croptop; TopShop, shoes; Stradivarius, skirt; Abercrombie & Fitch, plaid button up shirt; Zara, backpack; Longchamp

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