Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Paris, the Land of Love

Blue Dress; Zara, Rings; Pandora/ H&M, White Shirt; H&M, Light Wash Blue Jeans; Zara, Red Heels; United Color of Benetton UK 

Many would agree that Paris is the land of love, romance and passion. Well no offense Paris, but romantic love is so overrated. In today’s modern world the mass media has glamorized romantic love. Passionate love has truly become the most desirable commodity in the lives of most human beings. It’s what people dream of. It’s what people, time after time, break their hearts chasing. It’s as if people have forgotten about the simple notion of self-love. Self-love... now that’s so totally and unbelievably underrated in today’s insta-world. Self-love seems so alien to so many people not only in Paris, but all over the world. Self-love is the act of caring and giving your all to yourself. This is because you are important. You are valuable. And you are worth loving. 

This week I challenge you to chase self-love. I challenge you to break down your walls and love yourself for who you truly are.      

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